Derby della Madonnina

>> Monday, November 15

A good old-fashioned Derby della Madonnina.

But Inter­ are 11 (eleven!!) points of the position they were last­ season at this moment. Rafa, rafa, rafa..

not even Moratti's dirty money could buy that­ result...

you need to up the wages for your refs!!!!­

how was Pandev not sent off, yet Abate got a yellow­ for nothing?? HAHAHAHA laughable.

suck it inter,­ Moratti will soon get found out and sent to prison, and­ all your titles will be stripped.

excellent match and an excellent Allegri for Milan

keep­ up the good work


Nukilan Hati dari FARIDKAMILMARAVILLA. forza milano ! gomo kelate gomo !

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